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Should I use Open Source tools for mobile development?

There is a love-hate relationship with many companies when it comes Open Source. There is a perception that Open Source is riddled with viruses and has not support. The reality is far from this perception.

Mobile development is almost all Open Source. Here are some Open Source tools you can use today:

  • Convertigo ( for Mobile Device Management
  • Bootstrap ( for Mobile Web
  • Ionic ( for hybrid mobile app development
  • QuincyKit ( for mobile app testing
  • Swift ( is an Open Source language that Apple is using the principle language to develop iOS solutions

As you can see from the list above, Open Source solutions can be used across all levels of work. If you are a small team or a new to mobile, I would strongly encourage using Open Source solutions to get started. The investment is free and the learning curve is no different to paid products. What will surprise you is that the Open Source community is very generous with their knowledge. In other words, there is plenty of support.

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