Building an App

The Process of Building an App

There are three  phases you need to go through in building an app. They are:

  • Planning
  • Development
  • Marketing and Distribution

Building An App – Step One: Planning

This is the fun stage in building an app: planning. There are over 1 million apps in the iTunes and Android app stores – this means there are lots of great ideas. Spend time on this stage defining who your target consumer is, where their market is and why your idea will matter to them. For the  app to be successful it must be downloaded thousands of times. How do you make that happen? You come up with a great idea!

Phase 1 of Building an App - planning
Phase 1 of Building an App – planning


Building An App – Step Two: Development

There are many challenges in developing apps for today’s consumer. The first is that you must develop to multiple mobile operating systems (such as Android, iOS, Windows, Amazon Fire OS and BlackBerry) and that you must design your app using the UI/UX principles for the OS. No easy routes here. Spend time getting your app right.

Phase 2 of Building an App - Development
Phase 2 of Building an App – Development

Building An App – Step Three: Marketing and Distribution

You have your idea, you have your apps and now you need to get them out to the market place. Find out how to get your apps deployed to the leading app stores (Google Play, iTunes App Store and Amazon App Store are the big three) as each store will have different settings.

Before you app launches, why not contact some of the many blog sites and ask if they will review your app? You can send them a complimentary version of the app to get them excited. After your app has launched plan on releasing updates every 12-16 weeks. Also, keep an eye on how people are using your app through your analytics. This will tell you where to improve your app.

Phase 3 of Building an App - Marketing and Distribution
Phase 3 of Building an App – Marketing and Distribution

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