Your site’s performance is all that matters

Websites live and die by their performance which, roughly translated, equals speed. There are some ways you can you can test your site’s performance. They include:

What you will find when you run your reports is that performance comes down to the following:

  • How fast are your server and it’s connection to the Internet?
  • Are you using image compression?
  • Are you using CSS, JavaScript and HTML minify techniques?
  • Does your JS come at the end of the HTML document?
  • Are you using BrowserCache techniques?

Web Content Tools such as WordPress often come with Plugin technology for easy site extensions. Use the Plugin Directory for WordPress to search for extensions. You will be surprised how many plugins already exist to speed up your site immediately. 

This evening, I used the site performance tools above, added a few plugins and changed the grade from a terrible “F” to an “A” for load time. Not bad for one hour of work. The result: the site loads in under 2 seconds and I can focus on sharing UX stories.

In many ways, the speed of your site is all that matters. If your site does not load, then you will lose your customers. I don’t care how nice your site looks. You have 3 seconds to win your customers. You will lose 50% of the people visiting your site if it takes more than 3 seconds to load. So, do yourself a favor and run the reports above, use the feedback as a checklist to fix your site and begin investing in a few plugins.  The goal is to keep your customers.

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