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Enterprise Mobility
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Enterprise Mobility is not easy. The following presentation was given last October to a local group and previously at CIO Event in San Francisco and outlines five steps you can take to implement Enterprise Mobility into your organization.

My favorite slide is slide 6: The Four Mega Trends.

Enterprise Mobility Mega Trends
Enterprise Mobility Mega Trends

Technology, Consumer Usage, Competition and Changing Workforce habits are all driving dynamic changes in your enterprise.

  • Technology: the pace of change for technology is increasing and you have a slew of options when considering where to start (Big Data, Social Media, Mobility, etc.)
  • Consumer Usage: close to 40% of all Web traffic now comes from people surfing with their phones and tablets. You may already be seeing different buying trends from mobile devices. Smartphone users like to browse and Tablet users like to buy. Do you design your Web sites for these new consumer behaviors?
  • Competition: like it or not, your competition is also looking at Smartphones, Tablets, smart wristbands, Google glass and all the tech solutions you are examining to see how technology can drive new revenue streams and improve efficiencies in their organizations
  • Changing Workforce:¬†almost every employee now has as smart phone (Android, iPhone, Windows Phone or BlackBerry) and 1/3 have a tablet. You only need to check out all of the people reading from their devices in the next meeting to see that devices are everywhere in your organization. This also means that your employees are working after “normal” hours to get the job done.

The goal with the presentation is to get you thinking about the different elements that consist of Enterprise Mobility. It is not just iPhones or Apps. It’s a whole lot more.

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