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You will often hear me talk about the “stickiness” of mobile apps. They just are. When you are in an app you are wrapped in the world of the experience. No distractions, no way to be “just one click away” – you are immersed.

But, the web is still amazingly important. This is the reason why a mobile Web browser is one of your “go to” apps along with your phone and email. You need the web.

For this reason, I do not believe there is an argument of “native app vs mobile web” – I think it is a case of “you need both, as both serve different needs.”

The Communication Channel for Mobile Web

It is wrong to assume that your mobile web site and app will do the same tasks. They simply don’t. The focus for an app is to drive specific tasks from your phone or generate a deeper experience on a tablet. Your Web site is your tool for communication.

The good news for creating your mobile Web experience is that the number of tools for you to use is growing. For instance, you have the following:

  • WordPress and CMS tools often have Mobile Web Templates you can use to deliver an optimized experience for phone and tablet
  • Tools such as Adobe’s EDGE Reflow give designers the tools to create responsive Web site design without writing code.
  • Frameworks such as Bootstrap and jQuery Mobile make developing mobile sites easier

The need for creating a mobile experience is one you probably already know: your customers are using mobile devices to view your Web site. Just remember that creating a responsive design means that you adhere to the design guidelines that Apple and Google have established to ensure that the experience is inline with the mobile OS and hardware (phone or tablet) viewing the content.

Let me know what lessons learned you have gained through developing a mobile Web site.

Mobile Web Optimization
Mobile Web Optimization

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