The Internet of Things

What is the Internet of Things?

You are now entering a new Age for Technology: The Internet of Things. But what exactly is this mythical phase the press is talking about? It comes down to three areas of focus:

  • Data Collection
  • Context
  • Seamless Availability

Data Collection for The Internet of Things

The core to the Internet of Things is data collection. It’s about you, your work and your lifestyle. You already have some of the Internet of Things doing data collection. Check the phone in your pocket. Today’s Smartphone is loaded with sensors (GPS, elevation, pitch/yaw, etc.). Your car is also collecting diagnostic data vehicle performance. Your cable box is constantly reporting what you have watched.

The Internet of Things is going to up the ante for data collection. A first pass will beĀ wearabledevices. Watches, wrist bands, glasses and dongles for our keys contain data collection technology. The current mix of sensors collect data on fitness activity, GPS location and limited data feedback from phones. Future devices will collect even more data. The key for wearable technology is the massive number of sensors that can be packed into a tiny computer: GPS, temperature, blood pressure, movement, pitch/yaw, elevation, air moisture.

Wearable devices provide an unprecedented view of our world in raw data.

Context Matters for The Internet of Things

How and where you collect or access data matters. Smartphones show us that we do not need a bulky computer to access the information we need as we need it. The Internet of Things looks at how we use information in our world and delivers it to us in a manor that is contextually pertinent. For instance, a Smart Watch will tell us the time, but will also tell us what our blood pressure is. Why? Because a watch is on our wrist, the same place you check your pulse. Where and how we use The Internet of Things is driven by context.

Seamless Availability for the Internet of Things

The Smart Watch is one example but there will be many more. Why not have an augmented helmet for race drivers feeding information about the engine without the driver having to look down? Why not give Firemen a helmet that senses heat and smoke density to see the source of a fire? Why not give a runner footwear that tracks how far you have run, along which roads and in what kind of weather to calculate the exact calories burned?

The vision for the Internet of Things is to give you precise information as you need it driven by data provide around you. The context for sharing information should be intuitive to the situation you are in. You should not even think that you are using technology. The goal for the Internet of Things should be that you forget you are using technology. You are simply doing your job more effectively.

What are your thoughts for the Internet of Things?

The Internet of Things
The Internet of Things

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