Tablets in the Classroom

Guest Article: Why Tablets are a Must in the Classroom

Ask any teacher to describe the children or young adults in a classroom, and that teacher could likely give you a different trait of every child. Some may be self-motivated, while others are still learning to gain confidence in the classroom. Some may lag behind in reading skills, while others may need polishing in math. There is simply no one-size-fits-all student, which is why teachers know there is no one-size-fits-all way of learning.

To that end, educators have gotten remarkably creative at adapting learning goals to learning styles and types of kids. They individualize as much as they can within the structure of the classroom and the confines of the school day. And when they can’t fit it in, they have another tool at their disposal: smart devices, or tablets.

Tablets are inventive as classroom solutions in a variety of ways. For starters, they’re enabling teachers to do what’s called “flipping” a classroom.

Flipping a classroom changes the traditional dynamic—teacher at the front, lecturing, trying to keep everyone interested. Instead, they provide parts of a lesson or pieces of learning online, either through lessons they’ve created or those that they’ve chosen. Kids can then listen to and learn from those lessons outside of the classroom, and the teacher can use in-person time to answer questions. Many teachers say it increases engagement and helps them provide necessary resources, too. And for kids, they can watch—and re-watch—lessons until they get it fully.

In addition to flipping classrooms, tech such as tablets helps students focus on skills that may be particularly difficult for them. For example, if they’re playing catch-up in math, they can study lessons that help them stay even with the rest of the class.

Kaylee White
Ghergich & Co.

Want to learn more about how tablets are changing the nature of how students learn and teachers teach? This graphic is a good place to start.Tablets in the Classroom

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