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Guest Article: Deep into the 1 Page Design

The one-page website design is one of the most popular trends in 2016. This trend has  eliminated the double sidebars, increased white spaces on the page, and has a different showcase over all. The one-page website design has become very popular. Well ranked companies are using this design. It showcases a product perfectly on the page, but has some minor faults that can be corrected and adjusted.

View of the Page

The one-page design goes from top to bottom. It has a vertical view on the eye.

The multi-page website design has a side to side movement and nowhere to go vertically down the page in the same depth as the one-page design does. So the multi-page web design is known for a more horizontal view.


The one-page web design has the benefit of having everything all on one page. This is perfect for a product showcase and it will please a viewer when getting onto the page as it has everything that they need to see about the website all on one page.

Where it Backfires

Although the one-page design has this great showcase, it goes into some troubled waters when it comes to SEO.

In a multi-page website design a developer creates a Index.php,About.php,Product.php, and Contact.php.

The developer in a multi-page website design has the power and ability to optimize all the pages listed above. So the about.php will have its own description and will get listed on google as the about page of the company website.

In a one-page website design, you can see everything all on one page and there is really no room for optimization there. This is one of the biggest cons for the 1-page web design.

Small Fixes

A small fix for the one-page design would be creating different landing pages in a vertical format. This would keep the 1-page design and leave every page for the room to optimize.

Why Some Companies Use It

The 1 Page design is a new trend,but also great for a showcase. Some companies like the effect that it creates when a view gets on their websites. Being that everything is showcased, the meaning of their website will come across very easily. This is one of the main reasons why some companies are still using the 1-page web design.

Our Choice

When going head to head with the 1 page vs the multi-page web design, we have to select the multi-page for proper design along with SEO and the 1 Page design for popularity. Although there are small things that can be done to correct some faulty occurrences on the 1-page design, the multi-page is ultimately better for a website search engine optimization.

About the Author:

After graduating school with a degree in Computer Engineering, he knew that design was his passion.Andy is a pro website designer at www.NTWDesigns.com

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