Azure IoT Suite

Getting Started With Microsoft Azure IoT

Today’s Microsoft is not the same company from even five years ago. Today, Microsoft is lean. driving innovation, pushing open source and leading with Azure IoT, Cloud and Artificial intelligence. It’s a good time to re-connect with the company that is no longer a Windows company. The following video introduces Azure IoT Suite and Hub to developers.

Quick sidebar: Microsoft really knows how to connect with Developers. There are hours and hours of great videos for you to learn all you need to know about Azure IoT services. Check out YouTube.

Azure IoT Services

Azure IoT provides a range of services to provide complete end to end management of the “things” you are managing, building solutions for and collecting data from. Here is a break down of the services:

IoT Device Management

Build Solution for IoT Devices

Manage the data captured from IoT Devices

Azure IoT Support

Having the tools to build Azure IoT solutions is only half of the battle: the second half is getting the correct training and connecting with other like-minded people. Fortunately, Developer community engagement is where Microsoft excels.

Training: MSDN Channel 9 (

Azure Blog (

Azure Slack Channel (

Next Steps with Azure IoT

At this point, you have all you need to get started with IoT on the Microsoft Azure Platform. Grab yourself a Raspberry Pi 3 and get started. Build something awesome.

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