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Getting Started with AWS IOT

In many ways, Amazon’s AWS IoT services can be seen as the leading IoT platform. Amazon has top-selling IoT devices (Echo, Dash buttons, Hello Smart Doorbell) and top-shelf Cloud Services. This 1-2 combination is pushing Amazon to invest heavily in IoT. We covered earlier how to get started quickly with IoT using Amazon’s Smart Button and AWS Services (link). The following video explains what AWS IoT mission is:

Let’s dig deeper into the core AWS IoT Services you need to get up and running with Amazon as your platform provider.

OK, the first step, you will need an AWS Developer Account (get one for free here). Sounds kind of fundamental, but the AWS Account gets you access to all of the services, not just IOT. This is important as AWS services often cross boundaries. For instance, you can use Amazon DynamoDB as the NoSQL storage for your data in connection or a Lambda Function with AWS IoT Services.

The AWS IoT services include:

The final step you need to take is to find out where the AWS Community is and how you can connect with it to accelerate your learning. Here are some great starting points:

At this point you have all of the tools you need to blast off with Amazon’s AWS IoT services.

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