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Do It Yourself Machine Learning with Google’s new AIY Kits

Google wants everyone to learn how to built IoT solutions and leverage Machine Learning/Cloud Services with the new AIY cardboard kits developed in partnership with Target. The new kits come with Raspberry Pi and all of the tools needed to build a Smart Camera or Smart Speaker. Think of these two kits are the electrical kits you wished you had as a kid but on steroids.

Why Do It Yourself Artificial Intelligence AIY Kits?

Google has released two AIY: Voice Kit and Vision Kit. Both are a cardboard box and Raspberry Pi that you assemble into tools you can use. Why go through all this work when you can buy products off the shelf? With both kits you learn the following fundamentals:

  • IoT with Raspberry Pi is much easier to work with than you think
  • The tools come alive when you connect them to Google IoT and Cloud services (again, much easier than you think)
  • The tools get you comfortable working with Machine Learning products such as TensorFlow
  • These tools a good introductory gap that AWS has filled with their AWS IoT Smart Button

Both of the kits are available on for $49.99 (Voice Kit) and $89.99 (Vision Kit). Look to put aside a good half day to build the kits if you are new to Google’s IoT Services. There is a great step by step documentation on how to get each kit up and running. You will have a lot of fun.

You can also get support with this email address ( or at this site.

Machine Learning with AIY

The reason for the kits is to get us mere humans comfortable with machine learning. I have to say, Google has done a great job. With these two kits you can start experimenting with the following:

  • Face Detection
  • Object Detection (is the shape a dog, cat or human)
  • Food identification
  • General Purpose Image Classification

It is clear that Google will keep adding more models you can experiment with.

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