Digital is a Trend and not a Fad

A trend is defined in Merriam-Webster as: a general direction in which something is developing or changing. The following chart is from Business Insider “The Future of Digital“, an annual peak at where the tech industry is and where it is going. It is a brilliant PowerPoint. There are few slides I’d like to focus on.

The Digital Trend

Digital is a Trend that is here to stay

Do you have a computer, phone and a tablet? My guess is you do. Will you be getting a smart car, smart watches and smart clothers? The knee jerk answer is “probably not”, but I am here to tell you that you are wrong. The trend is clearly showing that you will buy smart-everything. Why? A simple reason: price. Let’s take Tablets. The iPad shipped in 2010 as a premium device. Today, you can pick up really great tablets for $99. The price is free-falling. Companies such as Amazon have come to realize that the value is not in the Tablet. The value is in the services that are delivered to the tablet. Why pay the cable company $100 per month, when you can get Netflix for $8.99/mth on your one-time investment of a $99 tablet?

The trend for tablet prices is falling fast

We are spending more time using our Devices

This is no surprise, but the trend for how we use our devices vs. how we use traditional media demonstrates that we LOVE our devices. All traditional media is falling but device usage is skyrocketing.

The trend for a device first world for media consumption

There are a number of other areas worth checking the BI deck:

  • Android now dominates as the top computer platform
  • Android will soon overtake Apple for app revenue
  • Digital will grow for decades

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