Digital Strategy Project Milestones

Digital Strategy and it’s four different approaches – Technical, Engagement, Sales & Workforce

Digital Strategy┬áis something we are all thinking about. Our worlds are tightly connected with technology – from smartphones, tablets, PC, Smart TVs, wearable devices and connected vehicles – and our highly connected world is providing opportunities to deliver new ways to service our customers. So, let’s build a digital strategy, right?

What I have found, however, is that there are different digital strategies for different business goals. For instance, the following are all valid:

  • Technical Digital Strategy
  • Engagement Digital Strategy
  • Sales Digital Strategy
  • Workforce Digital Strategy

Each of these strategies support business goals. The approach for each, however, is very different as each Digital Strategy engages with different teams with different deliverables.

Digital Strategy Project Milestones
Digital Strategy Project Milestones

Technical Digital Strategy

The Technical Digital Strategy places a focus on securing devices such as phones, tablets and any tool that can store or manage corporate data. Typically, this strategy looks at which Mobile Device Management (MDM)/Mobile App Management (MAM) to use; what hardware to deploy; security tools to use; and, the software architecture to recommend such as Mobile Enterprise Application Platform (MEAP) vs HTML5 Apps vs Native.

Engagement Digital Strategy

The Engagement Digital Strategy assess how to deliver and engage consumers directly across a growing platform of social media tools. Big Data tools assess the effectiveness of different campaigns and the direct customer engagements that you create.

Sales Digital Strategy

The focus of the Sales Digital Strategy is directly with the customer – from Point of Sales tools, new methods of pulling people into a store, how to keep them in the store and ways to provide a superior customer experience – all drive towards new opportunities to sell product and improve the consumer experience. Data collected from sales and engagement strategies used with Big Data tools provide valuable insights to the leadership team exposing opportunities to pivot a campaign while in motion.

Workforce Digital Strategy

The focus of the Workforce Digital Strategy is to provide tools that provide tools that enable the work activity to be completed without technology being a barrier – for instance, an inspection of a warehouse should be recorded on a tablet or phone app to make it significantly easier for the inspector to complete their work. The goal is drive data back into the company at an accelerated rate in order to satisfy a need of the consumer.

The Rise of the Chief Digital Officer

The four Digital Strategies – Technical, Engagement, Sales, Workforce – are all part of your Digital Strategy. The new role of Chief Digital Officer is the ideal person to manage each of these four types of Digital Strategies, however there is no reason why you should not create an Executive Team that collectively owns a company wide Digital Strategy.

No matter what you do, technology is now in every part of your company. What is your approach to a Digital Strategy?

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