A mobile Christmas

Christmas Day Browsing Dominated by Mobile

A mobile Christmas
A Mobile Christmas

I hope you had a great Christmas. Guess what? Mobile did, too. The following stats are pulled from IBM’s Marketing Group. They reflect the continued surge for consumers using mobile as tool for buying and transacting online.

Christmas Day saw strong mobile sales. Here are the key Christmas Day 2014 trends reported by the IBM Digital Analytics Benchmark:

  • Online sales were up 8.3 percent over the same period on Christmas Day 2013
  • Mobile traffic accounted for 57.1 percent of all online traffic on Christmas Day, an increase of 18.6 percent YoY
  • Mobile sales accounted for 34.8 percent of all online sales on Christmas Day, an increase of 20.4 percent YoY

Let’s take a closer look at the key drivers behind these early Christmas Day trends:

  • Consumers Cash-In on Online Bargains: Average order value was $100.33, up 6.2 percent over 2013. Shoppers also purchased an average of 3.5 items per order, down 1.4 percent.
  • Smartphones Browse, Tablets Buy: Smartphones drove 40.6 percent of total online traffic, more than two and a half times that of tablets, which accounted for 15.9 percent of all online traffic. However, tablets are winning the shopping war. Tablet sales accounted for 18.4 percent of online sales, compared to smartphones, which accounted for 16.3 percent of total online sales, a difference of 12.4 percent.
  • The Desktop is Not Dead: Even as mobile shopping continues to grow, many consumers chose a more traditional online experience. Desktop PC traffic represented 42.6 percent of all online traffic, and 65.2 percent of all online sales. Further, consumers spent more money on their desktops with an average order value of $107.72 compared to their mobile devices at $88.70 a difference of 21.4 percent.
  • Apple iOS vs. Android: Apple iOS once again led the way in mobile shopping this holiday season, outpacing Android across three key metrics:
    • Average Order Value: Apple iOS users averaged $97.28 per order compared to $67.40 for Android users, a difference of 44.3 percent
    • Online Traffic: Apple iOS traffic accounted for 39.1 percent of total online traffic, more than double that of Android, which drove 17.7 percent of all online traffic
    • Online Sales: Apple iOS sales accounted for 27 percent of total online sales, nearly four times that of Android, which drove 7.6 percent of all online sales
  • Facebook vs. Pinterest: As marketers continue to rely on social channels to drive brand loyalty and sales, IBM analyzed trends across two leading sites, Facebook and Pinterest. Facebook referrals drove an average of $89.80 per order, while Pinterest referrals averaged $99.86 per order.


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