Business First Mobile Second

Business First, Mobile Second Strategy

The path to defining a digital strategy begins with understanding the needs of your organization, your future vision, and how mobile and digital solutions can increase value to you, your partners and other key stakeholders. When you have a full understanding of your business landscape, you can start to develop a mobile and digital roadmap […]

Digital Strategy Project Milestones

Digital Strategy and it’s four different approaches – Technical, Engagement, Sales & Workforce

Digital Strategy is something we are all thinking about. Our worlds are tightly connected with technology – from smartphones, tablets, PC, Smart TVs, wearable devices and connected vehicles – and our highly connected world is providing opportunities to deliver new ways to service our customers. So, let’s build a digital strategy, right? What I have found, […]

Designed by Apple in California

Mac Turns Thirty

Apple’s Mac turns thirty and to celebrate Apple did a few very cool things. First, you have to remember that Apple is not a company that sets out to celebrate its past. Apple is a company that celebrate the “now”. You never hear Apple talking about future products – they simply want you to get […]