IOT Core

Getting Started with AWS IOT

In many ways, Amazon’s AWS IoT services can be seen as the leading IoT platform. Amazon has top-selling IoT devices (Echo, Dash buttons, Hello Smart Doorbell) and top-shelf Cloud Services. This 1-2 combination is pushing Amazon to invest heavily in IoT. We covered earlier how to get started quickly with IoT using Amazon’s Smart Button […]

Running a Design Sprint with Global Teams

Delivery is about understanding who your customers are, their goals, and how to eliminate any roadblocks to attaining those goals. A customer-centric approach to delivery relies on user experience, or UX, with popular methodologies such as Design Thinking, Lean UX, and User-Centered Design providing in-house teams a clear path to success. One major challenge for many organizations, however, is that their teams […]


Fundamentals of Digital UX

User Experience, UX, has a simple goal: engage the consumer and guide them through to a goal. You can determine what the goal is – it could be a purchase, registering a form, downloading a document – but the intent is the same. There are many elements to the UX journey. Here you will focus on core fundamentals […]

Your Digital Life

2015 – the Digital Year

It’s a brand new Year! Over the last five years we have all seen a massive change in how we use technology in our Digital Lives. We have progressed from PCs, to Social Media, to Devices and we are surrounding ourselves with Internet of Things (watches, health bands, smart carts, connected TVs, smart health and smart homes). […]