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The idea of the Visualize The Web series started out simple: create a different type of book that can be split into meaningful ebooks for the modern reader. You read what you want to read. The big difference is that the Visualize series does create 18-30 chapters but 5-7 chapters that deep dive into each subject. With that said, the Visualize series would be nothing without authors. It is hard to find experts who will dedicate the time need for our international best selling series (yep, the books typically get translated into a half dozen languages and are available world wide) but we have found some of the best.

Meet the authors of these crazy cool books:

Meet the Authors - Matthew David
Meet the Authors – Matthew David

Matthew David is Chief Digital Strategist for the Professional Services Division at Compuware Corporation. Over the last three years, Matthew has consulted on mobile strategies for many companies. Mr. David is a published author of more than 10 books, including HTML5, Second EditionHTML5 for Mobile Web Sites, and Flash Mobile. Matthew is Chief Digital Strategist for Compuware. You can follow him on Twitter @matthewadavid. More of his work can be found at

Meet the Authors - Chris Murman
Meet the Authors – Chris Murman

Chris Murman is a Project Manager and Agile Coach for the Custom Services Division of Bottle Rocket. From his first Palm Pilot to the iPhone 5S, Mr. Murman has had a passion for mobile devices that resulted in work as Scrum Master, Product Manager and Product Line Manager on mobile products. For the last two years, Mr. Murman has led in the writing and implementing of mobile strategies for three companies as well as the release of several iOS and Android apps. An avid blogger about the mobile community, his work can be found at Follow him on Twitter @chrismurman

We have more books coming very soon and more authors will be joining our ranks. Stay tuned!!

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