Your Digital Life

2015 – the Digital Year

Your Digital Life
Your Digital Life

It’s a brand new Year! Over the last five years we have all seen a massive change in how we use technology in our Digital Lives. We have progressed from PCs, to Social Media, to Devices and we are surrounding ourselves with Internet of Things (watches, health bands, smart carts, connected TVs, smart health and smart homes). Some technologies will be adopted faster than others.

What is clear is that 2015 is the first truly Digital Year. More and more we can capturing and recording everything about our lives. Here are five activities I am going to be doing more of this year to keep engaged with Digital Trends:

#5 – Get A Smart Band

The Internet of Things is upon us. Now is the time to start experimenting. My knee-jerk is to use the new Microsoft Band (it is relatively cheap and loaded with sensors) before investing in a more expensive Android or Apple Watch.

#4 – Leverage More Cloud Services

This year has been awesome for Cloud services. I know use Office 365 for all my work, Photos are all loaded into DropBox with Carousel and Netflix is how we watch TV. This year: going deeper into Cloud. My goal for 2015 is to move all my data off my local devices/computers.

#3 – Balance Work/Home Life

This is getting easier and easier. It used to be that I had to travel 2 hours to the office each day. Now I work more out of my home office. The goal for 2015 is to use more video conferencing services to keep connected to my teams.

#2 – Code and Learn More Coding

I am an English Major. But I appreciate the value of coding. My JavaScript skills are pretty good but I need to get more up to speed on Android Java and iOS Swift coding. In addition, I really need to learn how to use more APIs to make it much easier for me to glue technologies together.

#1 – Read

This is easy, but essential. The digital world changes very fast. Reading each day is the only way to keep on top of all the changes. Spend 30 mins during the day exercising your brain on new Digital Trends.

What will you do in 2015?



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