Build your first Blockchain Solution with Azure

Microsoft is adding Blockchain support in Azure as we move away from blockchain “get rich quick” scams to actual business case solutions. The challenge is that the market to support Blockchain solutions is immature with too many choices. The good news is that a few companies are stepping up to the plate and taking Blockchain very […]

Azure IoT Suite

Getting Started With Microsoft Azure IoT

Today’s Microsoft is not the same company from even five years ago. Today, Microsoft is lean. driving innovation, pushing open source and leading with Azure IoT, Cloud and Artificial intelligence. It’s a good time to re-connect with the company that is no longer a Windows company. The following video introduces Azure IoT Suite and Hub […]

IOT Core

Getting Started with AWS IOT

In many ways, Amazon’s AWS IoT services can be seen as the leading IoT platform. Amazon has top-selling IoT devices (Echo, Dash buttons, Hello Smart Doorbell) and top-shelf Cloud Services. This 1-2 combination is pushing Amazon to invest heavily in IoT. We covered earlier how to get started quickly with IoT using Amazon’s Smart Button […]


Microsoft doubles down on IOT investment

Microsoft is putting its money where its mouth is and will invest $5 Billion over the next four years into IOT. Yes, you read that right. That’s Billions, not millions. As a frame of reference, Microsoft has invested $1.5 Billion up to now on IOT. Where is Microsoft spending? Azure Cloud and AI services. IOT […]

Running a Design Sprint with Global Teams

Delivery is about understanding who your customers are, their goals, and how to eliminate any roadblocks to attaining those goals. A customer-centric approach to delivery relies on user experience, or UX, with popular methodologies such as Design Thinking, Lean UX, and User-Centered Design providing in-house teams a clear path to success. One major challenge for many organizations, however, is that their teams […]


Your site’s performance is all that matters

Websites live and die by their performance which, roughly translated, equals speed. There are some ways you can you can test your site’s performance. They include: Securi Load Time Test ( – get a grade for how fast your site loads PageSpeed Insights from Google ( – Google’s Developer test for your site’s performance  TestMySite ( – another Google report, but […]